How long do you think the pain will continue for?

I'm 16 days breast reduction. I'm still feeling a lot of pain, am exhausted and the bt- junction of the wound on one breast is still weeping. I saw the Dr yesterday and he said everything was fine. How long do you think the pain will continue for? And at present the breastsbare very wide, do they drop and narrow as the healing continues?Thanks

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Early result will always change and improve

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I'm sure your surgeon has said something similar, but, rest assured, your result is very early.  At 16 days your skin is still healing and you are still bruised and swollen.  You will see some rounding out and settling of your breasts over the next several months. 

As far as the continued pain, ask your surgeon if you can take some ibuprofen three times a day (provided that you can tolerate ibuprofen).  Do that for a week.  Pain after breast reduction varies quite a bit from patient to patient.  Some patients are off pain medication within 48 hours and claim to sense very little pain.  Others ache for quite some time.  But, everyone always gets better.  It can just take a bit of time.  Your pain will likely be considerably better in a couple of weeks even with that small bit of breakdown at your incision line. 

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