Fever after restylane. In the case that the restylane and flu symptoms are related, what should I do?

Hi, I had restylane injected three days ago, and now I have a fever and flu like symptoms. Swelling where the filler has gone down and seem to be healing, but are the two related? Or is it more likely I just have a flu? 

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It is very unlikely that your flu symptoms are related to your Restylane injections.

It is very unlikely that your flu symptoms are related to your Restylane injections. It is much more likely that you coincidentally came down with the flu soon after your injections. See your family doctor for diagnosis and management of your flu symptoms.

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Fever and Restylane Injections

It seems unlikely that you are having a fever from the injections.  If you feel sick with a fever you should consult your general physician for an exam.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Flu like symptoms after Restylane injections

It is coincidental that you have fu like symptoms, especially if you have no swelling or problems at the injection sites.

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Restylane and Flu Like Symptoms

Filler injections doesn't cause these type of systemic symptoms, its likely consequence.  I suggest you see your primary physician.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Flu-like symptoms following Restylane injections

 Thank you for sharing your interesting question. It would be highly unlikely he that Restylane injections contributed to your flu like symptoms. It is more likely that you are simply getting sick. You should see your medical doctor for comprehensive evaluation. 
Feel better,

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