Thank you doctors for responses I've been asks to load a clearer picture Of my flat butt.

Here is my button and here is my wish photo The surgeon I'm thinking of using does intramuscular implants and fat transfer Can I get my wish photo and also wish body shape with bigger hips smaller waist? Realistically Wil I get rid of double bum crease? I'm 5'6 with a straight silhouette hardly much fat except on belly and waist and I would like the hour glass shape that looks very natural help I'm just about to select my surgeon so this is decision time

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Butt Augmentation: Implant and Fat Grafting

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Generally speaking, in order to achieve volume of the buttocks, an implant works well. As the surgeon you visited suggested, using fat grafting along with the implant can improve the shape of the buttocks and give you the overall look you desire. 

Butt Augmentation

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I recommend following procedures concerning your request:
You need a buttock implant and fat injection combination.  Liposuction at your banana rolls,waist,abdomen,back and love handles (5 areas) will be necessary as we need the obtained fat for the standart procedure  of fat injection. This will be performed at your lateral buttock area.

Secondly 400-600 cc implants will be inserted to obtain the goal.

Duration of the surgery is 2 hours under general anesthesia . After the operation you must use a pressure garment for 3 weeks.After the operation no special resting position is needed.
The recovery period is 5-7 days.

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