Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

I had Botox to my MASSETER muscle because of teeth grinding at night and 2 days later I started to have ear pain. The ear pain started In one ear and the phone went to the other. The pain is on and off and ears also feel full and blocked. It hurts when someone is talking on the phone and sometimes when I speak. Strange feelings of ears popping. I went to my doctor and he said he couldn't see anything wrong. I've never had ear problems until the Botox. Used ear drops but still the same. Will this go away?

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Masseter Injection of Botox and Ear Pain

It is possible that a nerve was irritate when the Botox was injected or you coincidentally have an ear infection.  I would consult an ENT specialist for evaluation.  Best, Dr. Green

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How can a Masster injection cause ear pain?


As a Head and Neck Surgeon who also practices in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, I see alot of ear pain. One common confusion with this, is that not ear pain is actually ear pain. Many times, it is due to your jaw joint (The temporal-mandibular joint or TMJ). The masster is one of the muscles that moves the TMJ. If you had a bit too much on one side, you may have some assymetry of your jaw motion now and are feeling it as pain in your ear. The TMJ actually forms the front part of your ear canal, so this is very common. My advice would be to see your surgeon who treated you and assess you bite. 

Dr James Bonaparte

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Ear Pain after masseter Botox

This is a great question.  When we place botox for master hypertrophy or overuse, we do place the needle into the muscle and inject the muscle.  This can cause mild inflammation.  The auriculotemporal nerve exits the deep fascia just above the master muscle, and this nerve can sometimes have swelling and associated pain in the same distribution that you are having.  This should pass within a week, but it can also be a sign of TMJ pain.  Occasionally the joint itself, is the cause of the issue that you are having.  Therefore, try NSAIDs for pain and swelling and ice for inflammation.   I hope you improve soon.

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Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

Hello GB82,

Botox for the masseter really should have no impact on your ears.  However, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that is located right in front of both ears, may be affected from Botox weakening the masseter muscle.  However, this should actually be improving pain in that area as opposed to making pain worse in that area.  As far as ear popping, that usually indicates you have some fluid in your ears.  It is possible you have developed a cold that is purely coincidental with your receiving your Botox.  This could explain why you have popping in your ears, fullness and blocked sensations in your ears, and pain that is coming and going.  I'd recommend you see your personal physciain again for ealuation.

I hope this helps and good luck.  

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