Is Fraxel treatment safe when you've been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis?

Hey, I suffered from acne for a long ass time, and I took accutane for it. It treated my acne, so I went ahead and paid 3000$ that I had been saving for a year, and booked Fraxel treatments to get rid of the scars. My first treatment is in three days. I've been recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, would it be safe for me to undergo the fraxel laser treatment for my face? given that I'm on salofalk suppositories at the current moment

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Fraxel and Ulcerative Colitis

Good news is that you can still do your Fraxel treatment. It is superficial treatment of the skin layers and it will not affect you. Anyhow, inform your family doctor about your intentions as well as your provider about your medical history and medications that you are taking. Good luck! 

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Is Fraxel treatment safe when you've been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis?

Thanks for your query. Fraxel is ideal for the treatment of acne and it doesn’t have any effect on ulcerative colitis as it works on superficial layer of the skin and has nothing to do with system. It works on the principle of creating micro injury on the superficial layer of the skin which leads to new collagen formation and helps in uplifting the scars. Just be careful while taking any medication orally as it can interfere with your medicines, apart from that it is safe. Hope it helps.

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