Tattoo removal after laser treatment failed? What would be the next best option? I have been looking into skin grafting. (Photo)

Hi, I have a tattoo on my upper left arm (~5-6" length & width) in black ink. I went for six sessions of laser tattoo removal which left me with hypopigmentation (I'm dark-skinned) and the ink still visible, albeit faded. What would be the next best option? I have been looking into skin grafting. Thanks in advance! I just want this thing removed for good. I'm prepared for a scar, because I'm going to have one either way.

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seems like you got scarring and hypopigmentation from laser procedures. both are common after laser tattoo removal in dark skin. skin grafting is most likely not a good choice. as the area is large and the graft might get rejected. I do surgeries for tattoos. I can give u a better answer if you can come in for a consult visit

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Tattoo treatment and scars

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I am so sorry about the tattoo removal and hypopoigmentation.  PLEASE do not try to have the area "improved" with a skin graph.  You will have more scars and it full of complications.  Dermablend sells some makeup to cover these scars and is really the only option at this point.  Lasers have to be correctly performed and account for skin type as well to have the best cosmetic results.  Please be sure to consult with a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with lasers.

Sadly, you are not a great candidate for tattoo removal or grafting

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While tattoo removal via laser is a great thing for certain tattoos and certain skin types, it often leads to scarring if done in the wrong skin types or via certain lasers.  Once that happens, the best course (sadly) is to avoid further treatments as they usually just result in more problems.  While you may find doctors who are willing to do more to you, they will likely not have good results and it may be best to leave this alone and see how time heals it.  

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