Uneven cheek implants?

Please tell me if I am right or wrong since my surgeon looked confused when I told him, and he walked away from me!I had a rhinoplasty and cheek implants yesterday, my right side was flatter so surgeon was supposed to add some fat tissue there other than implant but when I came out my left side looks bigger much more bigger instead so I think he add tissue to the wrong side

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Recovery from cheek implant surgery varies

Hi Sherry, thank you for your question.  Your concern and anxiety is very understandable and I hope that your surgeon gave you a realistic preview of what to expect before he or she did the surgery.  Healing after any surgical procedure varies from patient to patient.  Overall, it takes 3-6 months to assess the final outcome. Seeing how your surgery was done less than a week ago, what you’re seeing is early post-operation asymmetry.  This is most likely due to swelling and is temporary, it does not mean this is the final aesthetic outcome you can look forward to.  What you’re seeing now, the post-operative swelling, merely tells you that you are undergoing a healing process. It is never symmetric and frequently varies, meaning on different days, one side of the t can be bigger than the other.  This is to be expected as your face settles down after surgery and should be expected to last several weeks to several months after surgery.  Please give it 3 months before assuming the facial asymmetry is something to be concerned about. From what can be seen in your photos, you have a case of typical post-operative swelling.  

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Post-operative asymmetry due to swelling

Postoperative swelling is a part of healing process. It is never symmetric and frequently fluctuates; one day left side of the face is bigger, next day it is opposite side.  This is unavoidable in early postoperative course and usually last several weeks to several months after surgery, depending of the region and procedure. Try to avoid comparison for some time. Address your concerns with a surgeon and find out what exactly did he do on each side. Patience. Good luck.

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Far too early to tell

I completely understand your concerns but it is way too early to tell if there is asymmetry.  Your cheeks will be swollen due to the procedure for weeks to months.  I would wait at least 3 months before I would be worried that any asymmetry will remain long term.  Your pictures look like typical post-operative swelling.  Additionally, patients never have the exact same amount of swelling on both sides.  There is always one side that is more swollen than the others.  I wish you the best.
Cody Koch

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Early post-op swelling

It takes 3-6 months to assess the final outcome. Early post-op asymmetry is most likely due to swelling (oedema/bruising) and this cannot be an indicator for the final aesthetic outcome. 

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Possible uneven cheek implants

There normally would be a significant amount of swelling present 1 day after a rhinoplasty and placement of cheek implants.  It is not uncommon for the swelling to be worse on one side versus the other after cheek augmentation, so you can not yet judge the results of your procedure.  It will take several weeks and possibly a few months for you to get a better idea of the true appearance of your face.  

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