Does 3 Liters of Fat off Body Look Like the Same Volume of 3 Liters of Liquid in a Bottle?

I had 3 L taken off my abdomen. supposedly. It looks a tiny bit smaller, but the over all size of my abdomen did not change much. I imagined 3 L of liquid in a bottle and held it up to my stomach. I assumed that that much volume would disappear from my abdomen. But comparing this way, it only looks like 1 L was taken. I am 10 days post op. Would 3 L of liposuction liquid waste actually only look like 1 L of solid body fat.?

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Liposuction volume

Thanks for your question.  When I tell someone I removed a certain volume, then 3 Liters of aspirate should look like 3 liters of volume in a bottle.  However, that volume will represent fat, blood, and tumescent fluid placed into the abdominal fat to improve its extraction, not only fat.  Also remember, you are still swollen after surgery. 

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3 liter liposuction

3 liters of liposuction if only the fat was measured would be the same as a 3 liter bottle.  Remember, that you most likely have a lot of swelling early post-op.

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3L of fat

Great question. It depends on whether the doctor included the fluid injected prior to lipo in the total measurement or what was purely fat. Even if it were 1-1.5 liters, that should still give decent improvement in most patients. It is too early to assess your results. You can ask your doctor about the volume.

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3 liters of fat or other liquid are they same

Thanks for the question.

Liter is a calibration for volume of any liqid. which means whether its mercury,water,Koke,or fat what ever makes it 3 liters that is what it is .However each of these liquids when weight it will be different for the same amount of volume .In this case 3 liters of fat will have different weight then 3 liters of Coke.

Fat is very light in weight and therefore after 3 liters of fat removal there may not be any change in your weight but the shape will finally change if you use pressure garments sincerely for 3 months.

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