Lips Have Deflated After Two Tries? (photo)

My lips have gone 95% back down rather than the normal amount like my nurse suggested. I went back to her just over a week later. She said that it had gone down too much and would put some more in. So, she put a product that she just said was Hyaluronic acid...i think! She didn't say a brand or anything, but she is really good and I love her! So after a week, it went down again! So is it worth trying a new product like she has suggested? After all of this product is absorbed Thank you niccy

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Lip Augmentation

There are many hyaluronic acid products that can be used for lip augmentation.  Each product may behave differently so it is important to know what products are used.  Other options include fat grafting, Alloderm and synthetic products.  A plastic surgeon will be able to discuss appropriate  options.

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Lip Augmentation

Dear nicjones1212,

  • I agree with the other doc that you should know exactly what was injected
  • Restylane can take a few syringes because it does not swell like Juvederm
  • I would get a second opinion at this point to see what your options are

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Lips have deflated after fillers

It frightens me that you said you "think" you had hyaluronic acid... if you aren't sure what's being done, in no way should you be doing it! What you like in the initial picture is a great deal of swelling. If you want your lips that full, simply one syringe of anything isn't going to be enough. If you want them that big (which really, I don't suggest, as I always tell people to follow the natural shape of their lips), then you are going to need 3 syringes, minimum, of a filler like Restylane. That being said, while nurses are good at many things, I do not suggest people get fillers done by anyone but a board-certified core physician.

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Lips Have Deflated After Two Tries?

 Fillers to the lips like Restylane and Juvederm last 6-9 months and should not be gone after a week or two.  Either a very small amount of filler is being used or there's a puzzle piece missing to the mystery.  If you have had a syringe of Juvederm Ultra injected into the lips and it's gone after two weeks, you may have to coinsider an Alloderm Lip Implant that would last about 7 years.  I have used Alloderm, for Lip Augmentation, with great success for over 15 years but then we also use Juvederm Ultra because it works quite well.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Lip augmentation

Hyaluronic acid fillers are great for the lips but are not permanent. They can last 6-9 months.  I do not know why it would dissolve so quickly as you say.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Lip augmentation

Hyaluronic acid does not last in the lips. In fact there is no filler that will last in the lips. No permanent filler to the lips they cause problems.

The only alternative available you is fat transfer to the lips.

Samir Shureih, MD
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