Swelling After Lip Fillers

they look so bad! my lips usually jessica alba sort of shape! is this just swelling and will it go down? please help im distraught thanks

its been around 48 hours and my lips look horrible soon as i left the room they looked bad ! i had dermal filler to my upper lip and its so swollen but not sore at all the middle bit of my lip is really fat and hanging down lips look sort of an M shape and this was really not what i wanted. i look so ugly and im so so depredded over it. please help. thanks x

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Lips can be swollen and bruised right after injections

I wouldn’t worry about lips looking horrible 48 hours after dermal fillers because they can be swollen and bruised. You really have to give it up to a month to see the result. And, certainly the first 2 days you would expect them to be fuller because the products absorb water which will over-correct the lips slightly at first.

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Swelling after lip injection is common

Hang in there. Swelling is a common side effect after lip injections, especially within the first 24 to 48 hours, and it will subside. The lips take about 2 weeks to settle with the new product in them. Be patient with your results, because the rate at which people heal and recover varies. Knowing how to reduce swelling prior to your next injection may help avoid it altogether. Icing the lips immediately after injections and repeated sessions of icing on the lips for the first 24 hours can help relieve symptoms quicker. Elevated sleeping the first night is recommended to reduce any swelling in the face and lips. 

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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Swelling After Lip Augmentation

Dear caz1984:

Lip swelling after augmentation with dermal fillers is not an uncommon occurrence.  The swelling should subside within the first week.  I would suggest following up with your physician in the next 1-2 weeks.  All the best.

Praven Chetty, MD
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Lip Injections and swelling

It is difficult to determine the results when there is swelling. I would wait a week or two until the swelling subsides to determine the full effect.  If you are still unhappy you can have Vitrase injected to dissolve the filler.  Please consult an expert for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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It will take up to 2 weeks for the swelling to subside.

At 48 hours following your lip augmentation procedure, you are still swollen, which is masking your true results. Be patient and wait for the swelling to subside; final results can usually be seen after two weeks. If you are still unhappy with your lips after two weeks, visit your injector again for a follow-up visit to discuss your options. As a last resort, hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve your filler.

Douglas Wu, MD
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The best time to evaluate the results of your lip injection is 10-14 days post procedure. The end result typically looks very similar to the appearance of your lips directly after the injection was done- the rest is just swelling. Some people experience significant swelling for 3-4 days and slight swelling for up to 10 days. Contact your provider if swelling persists beyond the 2 week mark because this could indicate an infection. 

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Swelling after Restylane Silk Lip Enhancement

Restylane SILK can produce swelling in the lip just as Juvaderm Ultra XC can since they are both hyaluronic acids . Restylane SILK is  hydrophilic(water loving) , so water is drawn into the area with fast injection, causing exaggerated swelling. This is usually a temporary problem that will resolve with ice, benadryl orally and time. Contact your provider if the swelling persists or if you have increased pain.

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Just post injection swelling vs. too much filler

I'd give this a few more days.  The lips tend to swell quite a bit after injection.  I always have my patients "cool their jets" and keep an ice pack on their lips for 10 - 15 minutes immediately after injection.  If you still are unhappy a week after injection, ask your doctor about hyaluronidase injection.  This enzyme will break down the filler if the filler is hyaluronic acid (HA) and you will be back to your preinjection self very quickly.

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Swelling after lip fillers. Is that normal? Yes and should settle in couple weeks

Thank you for your question. In my opinion, swelling is not uncommon after injecting fillers to the lip area. Swelling usually peaks in 48 t 72 hours and then starts to go down. I would give it about 2 weeks for things to settle down. Make sure you follow up with your surgeon in 2 weeks.

I hope this helps. Best wishes! (Dr. Salameh, Bowling Green, KY- Plastic Surgeon)

Bernard S. Salameh, MD
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This is very likely swelling and should improve. I would see your surgeon ASAP to discuss but have patience it should get better. There are some tricks to reduce swelling. Talk to your surgeon though as some of these vary by technique used to inject.

Best of luck,


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