Liposuction for Men

Online I keep finding info about women who had liposuction. Thats fine, but I would be very interested in doing something about my love handles and stomach roll.  Is it common to do male liposuction to improve body contours? Are the risks of liposuction for men the same as for women?

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Liposuction for Men

One of the most common reasons men come to my plastic surgery practice is for liposuction. Over the years, plastic surgery for men, particularly liposuction, has increased significantly in popularity. In the properly selected patients, liposuction can be an effective way to improve men’s physiques with minimal scarring and fairly low rates of complications.
I use what is called power-assisted liposuction, which uses a special machine that rapidly reciprocates (vibrates back and forth) a hollow cannula (metal tube) that removes fat with suction. The reciprocating action reduces the force needed to perform the liposuction, resulting in a more accurate, gentle and less traumatic approach. Like most modern surgeons, I also use a tumescent technique in which fluid with epinephrine and local anesthetic is infused prior to the liposuction to minimize postoperative pain and bleeding.
For men, some of the most common areas of concern are the flanks (love handles) and abdomen. Often, my male patients report that despite significant diet and exercise, these are the last areas on their bodies that shrink down. (In contrast, for most women the thighs represent the last holdout for diet-resistant fat.) The skin of the flanks is generally thick and elastic, and it will shrink down nicely for most men after the fat is removed. The abdomen can get great results as well, but is dependent on the patients skin quality. Liposuction will give most men a leaner, more athletic appearance.
The risks of liposuction are essentially the same for both men and women and are fairly low.  The most common issues tend to be bruising, swelling, and mild irregularities after surgery. I highly recommend going to a plastic surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has a lot of experience with this surgery.

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Male liposuction

Most liposuction patients are females, but the same benefit can be achieved for men, and more men are becoming aware of the benefits of liposuction.

The most common areas for men are the "love handles", the lower abdomen, breast and the neck, and all of these can be performed under local anesthesia, called tumescent liposuction, if desired. The recovery is usually minimal, providing the amount of fat to be removed is not excessive and they are generally in good shape. Skin contracting back and becoming tight to is less of a problem with men since they have not had their skin stretched by having little ones. 

Your plastic surgeon must also evaluate you to asure the problem is only excess fat and not excess skin as well. Some skin tightning will be achieved with liposuction if it is not excessive.

If the problem is a "beer belly," liposuction will probably not be satisfactory. This is usually when the abdominal contents are large and surrounding musculature is inadequate to "hold it in," However, liposuction in males has been very satisfactory for properly indicated patients.

Recovery time is generally 2 to 3 days according to the volume of fat removed before normal activities can be resumed with the exception of vigorous exercising.

Liposuction for men

More male patients are undergoing cosmetic surgeries especially liposuction. This operation is not a replacement for diet and exercise, nor is to treat obesity. Undesirable fat is usually  stored in abdomen, flanks ( love handles ) and in the breast area. Not infrequently we see fat deposits underneath of chin and in and around the neck especially in patients with short necks. Accumulated fat are more dense in male patients , therefore ultrasonic liposuction ( liposelsction/vaser ) is a preferable technic to treat male patients.

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Liposuction is popular for men

Men are coming to see us for liposuction almost as often as women. Men who are close to their ideal weight but have persistent stubborn fat deposits on their abdomens, love handles or chest find that liposuction can significantly improve the way they look. The operation is very similar in men as it is in women. Liposuction is quickly becoming one of the most popular operations we perform in men.

Liposuction is very common for men

Liposuction is a very common procedure for men.  Infact, in my practice the number one procedure for males is Liposuction and the most commonly treated areas are the flanks or "love handles", abdomen and chest.  Men have thick skin and have not lost the skin elasticity like many women after pregnancy and get great results.  Liposuction is a wonderful treatment option for men and women who are generally in good shape with a healthy BMI but just how those problem areas no matter how much they diet and exercise.


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Liposuction in men

liposuction on men is actually very commonly performed. It is mostly done on abdomen, flanks and necks. Men actually do quite well as their thicker skin tends to contract or shrink down well. The risks for the liposuction are the same as for women. 

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Male liposuction /fat reducing options/coolsculpting

Men can be great candidates for liposuction or even the new Zeltiq non invasive procedure. 

The best candidates are men who are actually in decent shape but have resistant pockets of fat in the central abdomen and/or love handles.  Despite exercise, they have a hard time  eliminating these fat pockets.  Liposuction works very well in these cases and a high satisfaction is the rule. 

Zeltiq "Coolsculpting" is a procedure that does not require anesthesia and destroys fat by freezing. The patients undergoing this procedure can watch TV, work on the computer, ipad, or read during the procedure which normally takes an hour per cycle. However it partially reduces fat but not is nearly as effective as liposuction. It can be repeated to continue to reduce the areas of concern. This procedure is not for everyone but is a low risk option for those who want to avoid surgery and anesthesia and are willing to accept less dramatic reductions of fat. 

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Men liposuction is different than women liposuction

I perform many liposuctions on men, as well as women. Most men are concerned with excess fat of the flanks, love handles and the lower abdomen. Unlike women who develope many stretch marks from pregnancy, men usually don't develop stretch marks, and therefore tend to get a better result with liposuction. This is beacuse their skin has better elasticity.

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Men Benefiting from Liposuction

Men do GREAT with LOVE HANDEL LIPOSUCTION.   The risks fro men are extremely low and the same holds for women.  Liposuction is extremely safe in safe hands of ABPS surgeons and can be dangerous in some hands.  Men have liposuction primarily for neck, jaw line, jowl, man boobs, and love handles.   Talk to 3 ABPS surgeons.  Good Surgery For YOU.    

Liposuction for men

Thanks for your question -

Men absolutely get liposuction and can have great results. Liposuction is targeted permanent fat removal of specific areas.

There are a few differences that should be taken into account by your plastic surgeon moving forward.

The Bad:
Men can have a higher incidence of hypertension which can lead to bleeding or hematomas.

Men tend to be less compliant with post-op care (in this case men usually stop wearing a compression garment sooner than women against advice).

The Good:
Many times men can have higher elasticity of their skin and can have better results after lipo than women.

I hope this helps.

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