Is Any Doctor Familiar with the Bikini Lip Reduction?

The methods I've read for the Bikini Lip reduction (on a Canadian forum) are quite interesting. I'd be willing to travel (within the USA) if I could find a surgeon within the US (am in NY) who can perform similar procedure to this one. I've looked at so many websites and have found very few to none. Not a popular procedure - I know.

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Bikini lip reduction is not difficult to do

But the planning is difficult. This lip reduction is done inside of your mouth. In my opinion, you would benefit from both the upper and lower lip reduction. You want your lower lip 1/2 the size as your upper lip. I would read my theory on beauty before doing this with a doctor and discuss these aesthetic ideals. I would also remove less than more. You can always go back in to get more removed.

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Lip reduction procedure

The lip reduction procedure can be called different names, but basically is the same--removing the excess tissue.  Most incisions are hidden inside the mouth.  Most procedures can be done in the office under local anesthesia. I would suggest meeting with a plastic surgeon in your area to discuss the procedure.  Do remember that the lower lip should be fuller than the upper lip.

Connie Hiers, MD
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