Lip folding and curling upwards up after gummy smile dysport? (photo)

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your inrerest and help. I've previously had 1 unit of botox for a gummy smile which worked well. Recently however I was convinced to try dysport, the units are different and I was given the equivalent of 1 botox unit, at my 'review' visit I reported that my lip was doing this strange 'folding up' sort of thing when I smile. I want sure if it was too little, too much or the placement. They put another unit (equivalent to 1 botox in) yet still the same?

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Lip folding and curling after Dysport

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1 unit of Botox is seriously nothing. I think you mean 1 point of injection? Typically Dysport is 3:1 with 3 units of Dysport being comparable to 1 unit of Botox. Since there isn't a photo to compare to here, it's hard to comment on exactly why this is happening, but my opinion is that it would be more about placement. Did you see the same injector both times?

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