I had dysport put into my forehead 11 days ago, my brow has dropped and my eyes are small and puffy! How long will this last?

Had 25 units injected. First time trying something like this. Hate the way my eyes have squashed down. Can't even apply eye makeup! Cant move eynrows at all. Feeling so depressed! Ellie 74

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Low brow after dysport

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Causes include

  1. a low brow,
  2. injection near the brow,
  3. injecting the frontalis muscle but not the corrugators,
  4. overactive lateral orbicularis muscles,
  5. effect on the levator muscle.
  6. See the doctor who treated you to determine the problem - eye drops can help a levator problem.

Dysport and brows dropping

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I am sorry that your brows have dropped this may be due to placing the dysport low or a very heavy brow or both.

Brow has dropped from Dysport

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It sounds like you have brow and lid ptosis from too much Dysport into the frontalis and/or glabella. Particularly on older patients, injectors need to go up much higher with injections, which it sounds like was not done for you. Also, most older patients have a natural ptosis of the eyelid, so this can also be troublesome if the injections are too low. 25 units is an extremely small dosage of Dysport. A normal treatment for this area would be 75 units. Are you sure you got Dysport and not Botox?? Nevertheless, time will take away the results and your forehead, brow, and eyelids will return to normal positioning, with the entire effect gone in 3-4 months, and a lessening of it, especially in the eyelid region, in several weeks.

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