Line across bridge of nose after botox. Was I injected properly or did I not receive enough units?

I recently had botox done to my furrow and forehead. I had 25 units by a nurse practitioner rather than my ps at a botox party. I now suddenly have a line across the bridge of my nose I never had before. Was I not injected properly or did I not receive enough units. I did notice when she was injecting me in the triangle area of my furrow she went out a little further than my ps.

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Horizontal lines can appear

25 u is a fairly large dose so this should have gotten your corrugator and procerus muscles hopefully.   If the procerus was not treated this could be the cause of your problems.  Go back and have another 5 units placed into the proceurus muscle.   Then all should be well.  My Best,  Dr C

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smile 2014: there are muscles that create vertical lines and muscles that create horizontal lines at the top of the nose (glabella in medical terms). it should be very difficult for botox to create new wrinkles, but it is possible that your Plastic Surgeon usually injects the muscles that cause the horizonatal lines (the procerus muscle, creates "bunny lines") and that the nurse didn't.  Your PS would probably be able to help improve the appearance if it bothers you. Best of luck.

Garrett Griffin, MD
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Bunny lines after botulinum toxin

Bunny lines can appear after Botox injected in the furrow, and they appear as horizontal lines across the sides of the nose bridge. Placing a small amount of Botox in the bunny lines will treat this issue. 

Ramona Behshad, MD
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Botox and Lines around the nose

Botox is a fabulous treatment to the lines in the furrow and forehead.  It sounds like you may have been partially treated and that is why you still have some wrinkles there.  I would suggest you return to your treating physician for more Botox in the procerus muscle

Michele S. Green, MD
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Botox for the Frown Lines

Thank you for the question. 25 units for a woman's "11's" (frown lines between the brows) is a standard dose.  Sometimes, if a patient has strong muscles at the bridge of the nose (procerus and nasalis), these need to be specifically targeted. If they are left untreated, you may notice a horizontal wrinkle about where a pair of glasses would sit.

Evan Ransom, MD
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Treating the glabella with Botox - corrugator and procerus

The furrow or glabella actually has two muscles creating wrinkles: the paired corrugator muscles, and the procerus muscle.  The corrugators create vertical lines while the procerus creates horizontal lines.  Your injector likely did not treat the procerus.  Additional Botox to treat this muscle will eliminate those annoying lines.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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