6 Months in and Want to Change from Invisalign to Braces?

As an adult working I am finding the Invisaligns challenging. You really do not know what to expect until they are in your mouth. I do not like the fact that often times I can put them back in right away after a meal or snack before heading to another meeting without brushing my teeth . I would like to go to regular braces so at least I know I am not wasting time correcting my teeth. What are the costs associated with switching?

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Switching to Regular Braces from Invisalign After 6 Months

I'm not really sure why you want to switch. Are the teeth not progressing as the Invisalign Clin-Chek predicted? You might just need a mid-course correction. Are you not wearing the aligners at least 22-hours daily?

Costs vary by region and specialists. I would imagine the orthodontist will charge you as if you were a new patient beginning an orthodontic case from scratch.

New York Dentist

Changing from Invisalign to fixed braces

You have mentioned all the advantages of a removable orthodontic system and yet you want to opt for the disadvantages of fixed?

Fixed means pain, cleaning for hours, bad breath, painful gums and not rushing off to meetings after a meal as you will be superflossing.

If the Invisalign is being worn as directed and is working then I would recommend sticking with it.


Raj Kumar, BDS, LDSRCS
London Dentist
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Changing to braces

Will not be a problem at all. Patients go back and forth all the time. Talk with your Dr as to the fee change. You will find it always less expensive to start and finish in one appliance.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

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