Can I Put in a New Pair of Invisalign Trays when the Old Ones Blue Dot Has Faded All the Way?

I'm supposed to put in a new invisalign tray today but i'm worried because the tray i am wearing currently, the blue dot indicator hasn't faded all the way. One blue indicator is clear while the other is a light blue shade. I'm not sure if i should keep these on another day or just put in the new tray?

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Blue dot not faded, should I change to my next tray

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Actually she is using invisalign (Invisalign Teen) has a blue dot to indicate compliance.  It does not matter to be honest.  As long as you have been wearing the recommend timeframe I would change and make sure they fit correctly. If they do, then switch, if not call your dentist

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Listen to your doctor, not the blue dot

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If your doctor scheduled you to change your aligners today, then I would change them today.  If you have been wearing the aligners as prescribed, the blue dots usually fade, but not always.  It doesn't hurt to wear the aligners extra days, but probably not necessary if you have been following your doctors orders.

Andrew Orchin, DDS
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Monitoring Invisalign System:

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You seem to be using different clear appliance system then Invisalign. (Red, white and blue?)
Invisalign aligners do not use blue indicator dots for monitoring. You should check with your treating dentist to be sure prior to proceeding with your next set.

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

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