Left Nipple Has Become Inverted

For the past week everytime I remove my bra I notice that my left nipple is inverted but once the bra is removed the nipple starts coming out again. I have a specialist appt in 4 wks but should I be worried?

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Inverted Nipple

If your nipple comes out again after removing your bra, it should be no problem. Sometimes, the pressure of your bra can cause it to invert. I don't think you should be worried, but see your specialist anyway just in case.

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Nipple Inversion?

Thank you for the question.

I'm glad you are scheduled to see a physician for consultation;  although rare nipple inversion can be a sign of malignancy of the breast.

Inverted nipples can cause functional problems for women and emotional concerns. An inverted nipple can look flat or a slit like depression or hole at the normal nipple location. There are different degrees of inverted nipples possible. Whether a patient is a candidate for correction of inverted nipples  depends on the  extent of the problem.


Usually correction of the inverted nipples involve division  of the lactiferous (milk ducts). The risks  of the procedure include potential loss of sensation, inability to breast-feed, recurrence of the asymmetry and the potential need for further surgery.

My advice to patients go something like this...  If the nipple is permanently inverted and does not evert  with stimulation, then it is a useless nipple  when it comes to sensitivity and/or breast-feeding. In these  cases correction of inversion is indicated (because the potential gains outweigh the risks outlined above).  On the other hand, if the nipple does evert  spontaneously with  or without stimulation,  then I am more reluctant to perform the procedure given that the risks may outweigh the potential benefits.  At that point, the decision is the patient's to make after careful consideration.

I hope this helps.

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Nipple Inversion With Bra - No Problem

This really should not be anything to worry about.  The pressure form you bra is just pushing it in, but as long as it comes back out on its own, then there is usually no concern.  Usually you worry if it stays retracted and does not come back out, since that can be a sign of something going on with the breast tissue.  Not a bad idea to get it checked out, but I wouldn't worry at all.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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