Does Latisse Cause Raccoon Eyes?

Does Latisse Cause Raccoon Eyes?

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Latisse will cause skin of the lids to get darker if the medication gets on the skin. So when applying Latisse be very percise and do not get it on the skin.

If you have already darkening of the skin then stop the Latisse and see your doctor who prescribed the Latisse. A bleach may improve on the color.

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Latisse and racoon eyes

Latisse should not cause “raccoon eyes.” However, if Latisse gets in contact with the
skin, it is possible for the skin to darken because of proliferation of pigment cells
(melanocytes). Therefore, if properly applied as directed, it is unusual, although possible,
to cause hyperpigmentation of the skin. Latisse should be applied closely adjacent
to the upper lid lashes. If the Latisse gets into contact with hazel or greenish eyes,
the color may become brownish.

Sigmund L. Sattenspiel, MD
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