Glaucoma Eyedrops for Eyelash Growth?

I read on some web sites that they use the glaucoma medication as an eye drop for lash growth instead of brushing it on lids (like Latisse). They said that worked fine. Is there any harm in doing it that way if you do not have glaucoma?

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Glaucoma Eyedrops for Eyelash Growth?

Latisse, for eyelash growth, and Lumigan, for treatment of glaucoma, are essentially the same thing. Years ago it was discovered that glaucoma patients taking Lumigan noticed tremendous growth of their eyelashes. Allergan, the maker of Lumigan, repackaged the product as Latisse. The FDA approved Latisse for the upper eyelid for the growth of eyelashes.

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Glaucoma medicine grew eyelashes as a "side effect"

It was discovered that Lumigan which was prescribed for glaucoma had the effect of growing lashes, and the manufacturer, Allergan, studied this effect and received an approval to market the same medication for application to the eyelids to grow eyelashes. It works well for both, but in the case of Latisse, the application is planned to be on the base of the eyelashes, and not in the eye.

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Lumigen is Latisse

Bimatoprost is the chemical name for both Latisse and the glaucoma medication called Lumigen.

Lumigen is intended to be applied right in the eye as a drop whereas, Latisse is brushed on the upper eye lashes with sterile applicators that are provided in the packaging.

I you do not have glaucoma and you are not being treated by a physician, I do not recommend using the eye drops. This could set you up for potential side effects of the drug that could be avoided when applying it directly to your lashes.

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