Who Should Prescribe Latisse?

What type of doctor should I go to in order to get a perscription for Latisse? My regular doctor, an eye doctor or what?

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Who Should Prescribe Latisse

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I think you should go to a physician who is both familiar with cosmetic procedures and the different methods of documenting results. That being said, many Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons have this capability. In my Ophthalmology practice in Maryland, I like to take photographs of a patients eyelashes before Latisse is started, then again 8-16 weeks later to both document the effect(which is fun) and to look for any signs of irritation(very uncommon).




Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Who should prescribe Latisse?

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While any professional who is licensed by their state to write prescriptions can legally prescribe Latisse for you, only a cosmetically oriented physician will be able to advise you on best way to use it and maintain the results long-term. Additionally many patients who desire longer eyelashes also like to perform other simple procedures to enhance the beauty of their eyes. A dermatologist can help with a complete program to enhance the results of Latisse with improvement of wrinkles around the eyes and improvement of overall skin texture and color.

Robert A. Weiss, MD
Baltimore Dermatologic Surgeon
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