Can my Eye Doctor Assist Me with Latisse?

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Latisse and ophthalmologists

Yes - It is a great idea to consult with an ophthalmologist if you are interested in Latisse.  There are some contraindications to the use of Latisse which your eye care provider can look for.  Many ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons dispense Latisse in their office as well.

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Can My Eye Doctor Asiist Me with Latisse

In my eye practice in Maryland we dispense Latisse. I like to take photographs of the patients eyelashes before they begin Latisse and again about 8 weeks later. This documents, in a fun way, the growth of eyelashes, but also helps us look for any other side effects of the medication. When used properly, Latisse is an extraordinarily safe medication, with outstanding results.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
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Eye doctors are a good source for Latisse

Although Latisse is most often prescribed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, the other group which often dispenses this medication is your medical eye doctor or Opththalmologist. In some states it may also be available by your Optometrist, but here in Colorado, this is not possible. It makes some sense to get Latisse from your eye doctor in that they can best examine your eyes and lashes, are the ones experienced with Lumigan for glaucoma treatment which is the same medication, and can help with any eye questions related to the use. On the downside, plastic surgeons provide an overall cosmetic opinion which is comprehensive beyond just eyelash enhancement and for some this is certainly a great choice.

The best recommendation is to see the doctor you are most comfortable with to receive information and Latisse, but eye doctors are definitely one of your choices.

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Help with Latisse

Yes, your ophthalmologist can prescribe Latisse for you, after checking your eyes and discussing with you the potential risks and side effects. Latisse is a medication, not a cosmetic, and must be prescribed by a physician. The lash-growing effects of bimatoprost (the active ingredient in Latisse) was discovered by ophthalmologists treating glaucoma patients with this medication.

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