What Is The Best Way To Address Crepey Breast Skin?

The skin on my breasts is crepey (with white stretch marks) due to weight fluctuation. I'm aware the stretch marks aren't likely to improve. But is there anything I can do for the crepey skin? I've been to two clinics. The 1st has a good reputation (& high prices) - they recommend IPL. The second recommends a combination of fraxel/titan. This is even pricier. Given the significant cost, would I be likely to see improvement with either option? I'm not interested in surgery (due to scars).

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Treatments for crepey skin on chest

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I would start wtih skin tightening first.  The fractional resurfacing on the chest has in some cases resulted in keloidal scarring, so that needs to proceed cautiously.

There are reports of Sculptra filler for wrinkly skin on the chest.  That may be approached if the skin tightening does not improve the area sufficiently.

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When the stretchmarks are pink a flashlamp laser can be used to lessen the redness and this makes them less noticeable but this laser can depigment darker skin. More recently fractional CO2 laser has been shown to stimulate collagen production within the stretchmarks and yield some visible improvement. Radiofrequency application has shown similar results but the degree of improvement is less. Collagen induction therapy (CIT) involves the application of a roller with multiple small needles to the skin surface. The resulting holes in the skin without damage to the skin surface are believed to stimulate collage production. As of this writing the only thing that has been proven is that CIT does not alter skin pigmentation and may be of use in skin rejuvenation. There is no proof at present that it improves stretchmarks. Further study of CIT is required before it can be recommended. Others have tried chemical peels. None of these treatments has been able to erase stretchmarks and multiple applications are usually required before any result is seen.

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