What Does It Mean when I Feel my Facial Skin Tightening Upon Application of a Topical Product?

Whenever I apply Cosmetic Skin Solution's Hydrating Gel with B5, I feel some tightening / pulling on my facial skin. Does that mean that the product is working? Am I losing or retaining more moisture?

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What does it mean when I feel my skin tighten when applying a topical product?

Most over the counter products are designed to give an immediate gratification.  Companies realize that  consumers have little patience and  want to feel that their purchase was worthwhile.  To satisfy this desire, ingredients are added that tingle or sting, cause the skin to swell temporarily (swollen skin has less wrinkles), or fill in surface irregularities.  The skin will look better while the product is on but little long-term benefit is obtained.  Stick with skin care professionals and their recommendations.  There are a few worthwhile OTC products, but they really are few and far between.

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Tightening feeling of skin

Theoretically you are hydrating or engorging the skin which can cause edema or swelling and make it feel tight the same way a "fat lip" feels tight. However, it is not likely to be long lasting and most likely short lived

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