Can White Birthmark Be Treated with a Laser?

hi,i m 21 yrs old. i ve this weird white mark below my neck from birth and it's bigger then what it was when i was young. I just want to know if this mark can be treated by laser ??

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White Birthmark Treated with Laser

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White birthmarks are actually an area of the skin that is lacking pigment called like vitiligo.  Therefore, it cannot be re-pigmented.  Once the pigment is gone in the skin you cannot replace it.  Some patients do get pigment from tattooing in these areas to even out the skin tone.



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First of all a diagnosis must be made, is this a birth mark, or a condition called vitligo, or a naevus anaemicus?
Regardless, treatments are very difficult, if its segmental vitligo, it usually will not respond to 308 Eximer nor phototherapy. 

I would have to say no for this answer.

Hope that helps, regardsDr Davin LimDermatologist, Cosmetic and Laser

Laser for "White Birthmark"

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White birthmarks (vitiligo) are area of skin devoid of melanocytes (cells which produce pigment). These areas have been treated with tattooing but repigmentation is problematic. First, stimulation of melanocytes is controversial because it could theoretically result in melanoma (the most aggressive form of skin cancer). There are a group of lasers (Excitmer lasers) which have been studied for the repigmentation of scars. However, these lasers produce light in the ultraviolet spectrum which is know to cause skin cancer. Thus, in my opinion, there is no good laser for this indication.

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