Will Laser Resurfacing Make my Dry Eye Worse or Better?

I have had lower blepharoplasty and I am considering laser resurfacing. But I got dry eye after the surgery. I want to do the laser to help with wrinkles. However I have been told that the laser could make things worse. But another surgeon has found that after laser, sufferers of dry have had improvement as it has restored elasticity to the lower eyelids and improved the function of the eyelid spreading the tear film across your eye. I would be grateful for any professional opinions. Thanks

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Laser resurfacing for wrinkles on lower eyelid

If you have dry eyes, then any any surgery could have an effect.  It would be best for you to see your Ophthalmologist prior to having any surgery.  Good luck.

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Dry eyes after laser resurfacing

As the eyelid surgery you already had has tightened the skin, the laser could induce more contraction than improve the elasticity. If your eyelid contracts and then pulls away from the eye, you will have chronic irritation and possibly need tear duct plugs and multiple surgeries to keep the eyelids against the eyes. Be careful.

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