Laser Skin Resurfacing Done on All Parts of my Body? Ex: Back

I have dark acne scarring on my chest, back and forearms and I was wondering if it was possible to have laser skin resurfacing done on these parts of my body. If not, is there another procedure that you would recommend?

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Resurfacing not a choice for acne scars outside of the face

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You might try a test of treating some of these scars with a fractional laser.  If this works, you have your answer.  Definitely not resurfacing.  You may also try spot treatments with BBL/IPL targeting the excess pigment.  If the dark scarring is changed to a more normal color, then you can decide how much the skin texture change from the scars bothers you.  If it still does, move on to a fractional laser.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Laser resurfacing on the chest and back

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Fractionated CO2 Laser resurfacing, done carefully, can achieve very good results on acne scars on the chest and back.

We have no experience   in treating the arms, although, most likely it would work.

We have treated stretch marks on the thighs and abdomen with the Fractionated CO2 Laser.

The Traditional CO2 Laser is strictly contraindicated in the treatment  of scars on areas other than the face.

Make sure that you are being treated by a Board Certified Dermatolopgist or Plastic Surgeon

Off face laser resurfacing

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The face is unique because of the high concentration of pilosebaceous units. These allow the skin to heal a resurfacing procedure. Fully ablative lasers such as CO2 or Erbium YAG cannot be used off the face. Even ablative fractionated lasers such as Luminus Deep FX or Fraxel Repair should be used with extreme caution off the face and at lower fluences and densities. Nonablative lasers (fraxel restore/refine) or a broad band light source (IPL) can be used. However discuss with your surgeon the problems that need to be addressed and your expectations as the results with these non ablative modalities is often very subtle.

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Laser skin resurfacing done on all parts of my body

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No the risks are too high on thicker skin to cause scarring or pigmentary changes. Be careful out there you may find someone to do all the body but the risks are too high. From MIAMI Dr., B

Fraxel restore and fraxel dual can be done on the back for acne scars

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Fraxel nonablative laser is commonly done on the chest, back, arms and legs, not just the face. Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Dual are done below the neck but at conservative settings and are often done as a series of treatments.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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