Can Laser Hair Removal Treatment Be Used on an Area Treated by Botox? (photo)

A month back I used botox on my uper lip to smooth the wrinkled. After the Dr. applied laser removal treatment to my upper lip two day ago, the skin started blistering. Is that normal? is is caused due to the botox or to the laser? when is it expected to heal? Thanks,

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Laser hair removal over an area treated by Botox

You can have laser hair removal 24 hours after Botox in that area. But the reason you blistered is absolutely not because of the Botox but because the laser settings were simply too high. You should contact the treating office because if they go higher next time, you could have more serious problems. Depending on how bad your blistering is, you may need to be seen to prevent hyper or hypo pigmentation problems.

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Can Laser Hair Removal Treatment Be Used on an Area Treated by Botox?

Botox has no relation to the blistering on the skin . Most likely the laser was on  a high setting for you and burned the skin. See your medical provider about this issue and always apply an spf daily to prevent any pigmentation. 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Botox and laser hair removal

You should see your doctor to determine if these small blisters are caused by the cold sore virus, herpes simplex.  If so, you should start taking antiviral pills 2 days before your next laser hair removal treatment to prevent a recurrence of the virus.  Botox does not cause blisters but laser treatment can and the treatment settings should be adjusted for your next treatment.  You must not be tanned before your laser hair removal treatment and you must avoid the sun afterwards.  

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Can Laser Hair Removal Treatment Be Used on an Area Treated by Botox? (photo)

If looking for a reason LOOK at the most recent intervention - THE LASER!! Botox was done a month ago so NO relation to blistering. 

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Blistering with hair removal laser

Botox is not related at all to your blistering.  Blisters can occur after laser or IPL treatments for hair removal especially with higher settings or in darker skin types.  Blisters can also indicate infection with herpes virus (cold sore).  Swelling in the skin can also cause blistering and can occur if there is an allergic reaction to something applied topically or in response to laser treatment.  It is best that you inform your treating physician immediately so that they can evaluate the cause and recommend treatment for your blisters.

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