Can I Use Laser Hair Removal Machine at Home and my Son is 8 Months or It Will Be Dangerous for Him?

I want to buy a laser hair removal for home use but I have 8 months baby, will it effect on him negatively? Of course when he will be in the next room but I am worry about that and hesitating because of him.

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Can I Use Laser Hair Removal Machine at Home and my Son is 8 Months or It Will Be Dangerous for Him?

Laser hair removal devices are so low in energy that you would have to be zapping yourself day and night to see any difference. Having your baby in the next room will be no harm. I strongly advise you to see a certified physician to benefit from a full, lasting result. 

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At home laser hair removal

Thank you for your question. Using an at home laser hair machine will not harm your baby if he is in the other room. At home laser devices emit very low energy, I would recommend putting the money you plan on spending toward a laser package with a liscensed provider, you will be more satisfied with the results long term and it will ease your mind about the safety of your baby.

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Using hair removal machines at home around a child

Home hair removal devices have incredibly low energy, which is why they are often overused and cause burns. They have barely enough power to go into your skin and have absolutely no ability to affect another person - even a baby - in the room or room next door. If you want laser hair removal I would suggest seeing a professional, as our machines are upwards of 100x as strong, but rest assured that a home hair removal device won't affect your child.

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