Laser Hair Removal Just to *thin Out/reduce* Hair?

I'm a MALE and there's a few areas on my body where I'd like to reduce/thin out the hair...but not completely remove it all. Is this possible? For example, my arms and legs are too hairy in my opinion and while I don't want to permanently remove the hair, I'd like for it to be reduced and thinned out. Is that possible or would it look un-natural & patchy? Instead of a full 6-7 sessions for permanent removal, could I just go for 3-4 sessions to achieve this? What about men's facial hair?

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Reducing hair growth with laser hair treatments

Thank you for your question. Laser hair can thin out hair growth but you do run the risk of having unnatural patchy areas if you choose to do this. Sometimes they will fade out over time if you don't complete the treatment sessions recommended but just make sure you express your expectations to your provider before beginning to see if they have the correct equipment to achieve the results you are looking for.

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Laser Hair fo Men


Most lasers for hair removal target only the hairs that are in the growth phase.  Therefore, with each laser treatment, only a portion of the hairs are targeted.  Many people notice an improvement in the amount and texture of hair after a few treatments.  Laser hair removal can decrease the amount of hair without completely removing all of the hair present.  Treatment with the appropriate laser will allow for a decrease in the hair present without an unnatural, patchy appearance.  Express your concerns to your laser hair provider so you can ensure your goals are met.


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