How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

I get a lot of razor bumps on my legs and so I want to try laser hair removal to see if that will fix my problem.  I know it won't be cheap, but what is the cost of laser hair removal?  Is there any way to tell how many laser hair treatments I will probably need before commiting to several treatments up front?

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How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal prices vary from city to city, region to region. Find a provider that is good and reputable, and don’t skimp on price because that is when I see the most problems — and we don’t want problems. People offer specials to get you in the door, and most of the times these people are the least educated about laser hair removal. The costs vary, but over the years they have become much more reasonable so that laser hair removal for most people is affordable today.

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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

There are many variables that determine the cost of laser hair removal: type and color of hair, size of the area, etc.  Typically multiple treatments are needed, usually between 5-8 depending on area and length of growth cycle.  At the time this question is being answered, individual laser hair removal sessions begin at $75, and we do occasionally offer special pricing in our monthly email newsletters.  As always, consult a certified practitioner for an individual consultation, preferably someone who is supervised by a board certified plastic surgeon, and be wary of any company that advertises extremely low prices.

Cost for hair removal

Cost of hair removal varies by area and the size of the area. It also depends how thick your hair is, and how many sessions you really need.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

It all depends on the hair density we usually do a patch test to give a quote but it could start from $150 per area. It also depends on the practice and the city that you live on.

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The cost of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal price is dependant on the amount of time needed to treat the desired area.  Larger areas and dense hair need more and longer treatments.  The larger the area or more hair to be removed the more expensive it is.  Laser hair removal is generally sold in packages of treatments since the average area takes many treatments for a good result.  Our practice sells packages of 8 treatments with free touch ups to the area over 2 years.  This ensures the maximum result to the area.  Prices of the package can range from $400 to $1500.

Laser hair removal treatment cost - $45 per area for many areas - NEVER Pay for a package up front!!

Some laser practices seem reluctant offer specific prices online, or even over the phone.  Below are the prices in my Raleigh, NC laser hair removal center:

Some laser centers might answer that laser hair removal is $79 per month.  I think it is wrong to offer cookie cutter packages and financing for laser hair removal. People respond differently and treatments should be paid for one at a time.  Many people spend much more than they need to spend if they elect not to pay for individual treatments. Not everyone requires the same number of treatments. In my laser hair removal center, do not offer laser hair removal packages and we never ask for payments of multiple treatments up front. On average, people need between 5-8 treatments for complete clearance of hair, although very light hair will generally not respond well to laser hair removal. Some offices will often provide a test spot during a consultation to see how one responds.
A large spot size (18mm) means deeper penetration and a more effective treatment.. it also means a faster treatment. So, although the lasers we use in our office are more expensive than many lasers on the market, the treatments are much faster and we are able to charge less for laser hair removal treatments while still being profitable.

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Pricing for Laser Hair Removal

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of laser hair removal including what area is being treated, the efficiency of the device, your location, how long does the procedure take, the experience of the technician, and if you are having multiple areas treated in the same appointment.  We usually recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, but it may take more; and maintenance treatments are not uncommon.  The reasoning, put simply, is the hairs are on a rotation and in many different phases of the growth cycle, and laser treatments are most effective when the hair itself is still in contact with the follicle.  In order to maximize the overall amount of hair reduction, we must target each of the rotations during that initial growth phase.  Most places will offer a discount for purchasing the treatments in a package, and may or may not offer a sliding scale when treating multiple areas.  To get more specific pricing, shop around your area.  Keep in mind there are several types of lasers utilized for laser hair removal, so it is best to start with a consultation.  

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Laser hair removal costs

Hair removal prices vary by city and state. The best way to determine exactly what you need is by having a consultation with a licensed esthetician.  At my practice, most patients typically require 6-8 treatments to see optimal results.

Laser hair removal costs, Connecticut

Laser hair removal pricing vary from place to place. Finding a good reputable place is the key. I would stay away from "medical spas" that are not run by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. These places tend to have the least educated people running their lasers. Depending on the area you are treating cost can range greatly. Shop around for a place that you can trust.

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Laser Hair removal prices and cost in Richmond, VA

Cost for laser hair removal services varies widely from geographical locations and the office setting (Plastic surgeon, spa, salon etc).

When considering laser hair removal, it is important to remember that just because an office is cheaper or is offering Groupon discounts, it does not mean that it is the place for you. I have treated patients who have been scarred by hair removal lasers. Make certain you choose somewhere with the new technology and that the laser operators have been properly trained. Don't be afraid to ask them their credentials.

In Richmond, VA most proces start at around $100 per session from small areas like the upper lip, $250 for a full Brazilian and $450 for full legs. Most treatments are repeated every 4-6 weeks for several sessions. After that, an occasional touch up may be needed in the upcoming years. 

I hope this is helpful.

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