New Laser Hair Removal for Blonde and Gray Hair?

I was considering getting the new laser hair removal treatment on my face. It is called the 'Syneron Aurora Laser (Radio Frequency System)' and is specifically designed for blond & gray hair?

I was told that they would complete the treatment and after each treatment, if the hair was dead it would fall and simply not grow back. This re-assured me as I was scared the hair may grow back coarser and darker in colour? I was told this would not happen! Does anyone know anything about this treatment? Has anyone you had this done and what were the results?

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It is very rare for the hair to grow darker and denser

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Although it would be rare for the hair to grow darker and denser, this has been reported.  You must know that the treatment for gray and blond hair is very difficult and may not be effective.

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Laser Hair removal for light color hair

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Most radio frequency devices or IPL will try to tell you the can perform permanent hair removal. That is not the case. There has been a recent article about meladine being used to stain the hair to be treated and thus allowing true laser hair removal to be performed.

I would ask your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon that provides laser hair removal if they have heard of this product and use it.

William J. Hedden, MD
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