Can Scalp Hair Be Permanently Removed Using Laser?

This is probably an unusual question but I have little hair left on my head and was wondering if a laser can be used to permanently to remove all remaining hair? I would like to get to a stage where daily shaving is not required and the usual "balding shadow" is not visible. My skin colour is brown (photo below). Thank you.

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"Permanent" hair removal

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Although the word permanent is used by some doctors to describe the effects of laser hair removal, there can be some regrowth many years after treatment. Further treatment can then be given. There is a slight concern that you might develop permanent light colored patches of skin from loss of pigment or temporary darker pigment that may last months. Doing some skin tests with the laser might be beneficial.

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Permanent Hair Removal of the Scalp is Possible

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Yes, it can be removed. It might take a lot of sessions but will work. However, you might want to think twice about it. The reason is that hair transplant and hair regrowth research continues to progress and in future you might be able to have a full head of hair.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
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Possible to remove hair on scalp

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It is possible to remove hair on your scalp, however you have to make sure that your head is covered from the sun during your treatment regimen as the skin will become hypersensitive to light. Several sessions may also be required.

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