Laser Genesis & Pore Size? (photo)

Hi, I have a problem with large pores on my nose. As soon as I clean them out, they become filled with dirt 3 days later. I signed up for a laser genesis package of 5 treatments along with 5 glycolic peels, and 5 microdermebrasion. The spa I am having the treatments done claim the genesis laser can reduce pore size? Is that true?

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Can you reduce pore size

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There is nothing that can actually physically change the size of your pores. Not a laser or a product out there. You can get better overall tone and texture with products and lasers, but you absolutely cannot physically alter the size of your pores and change them. Many people say they see pore changes with laser treatments like Laser Genesis, but again, it's an overall textural and tone change they see, the actual pores are exactly the same size they were before.

Laser Genesis and Pore Size

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Laser Genesis can help minimize pore size and help refine the tone and texture of your skin as well. Stick with the treatments and you should get a good result.  Thank you for your question.


Lasers to Reduce Pore Size

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Yes Laser Genesis can reduce pore size and other helpful actions such as skin tightening. However there are also several other lasers, as well as RF devices and chemical peels that also reduce pore size.

Pore size

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The cause of large pores is usually hereditary but is also associated with skin types that tend to be oily and acne prone.The dead skin on the surface (Stratum Corneum) builds up within pores and stretches their diameter. This stretching is like a new balloon that is blown up and, when the air is released, the balloon does not return to its original size.The more superficial large pores can be treated using a Pearl laser technology in which the superficial layers of the skin are heated up to cause skin shrinkage. This will work faster and more efficient than Laser Genesis which we have used as well.

David Ellis

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Art of Facial Surgery

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Pores on the nose, "dirt", and Laser Genesis (pores can't change size, but can *seem* smaller)

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Mspieg, what people think of as "blackheads" or "dirt" in the pores of the nose is normal sebum that turns dark when it oxidizes. Laser Genesis is a great procedure for an overall "laser facial" (if done in series of many, many treatments, like at least 6 to 10 or more), but it does NOT affect the true size of pores, nor does it truly reduce the amount of sebum your pores will have ultimately.

      The package you bought from the spa including laser genesis, peels, and microdermabrasion will all work together to keep the pores clean and keep everything appearing and feeling smoother while you do the series. But just be prepared because after you finish everything, ultimately nature will have its way and everything will return to your natural state. None of these treatments causes permanent shrinkage of pores, especially on the nose where the texture of the skin is thicker and larger pores are natural.

     What Laser Genesis can do, over many treatments (possibly more than the 5 you bought), is to stimulate new collagen production and over a long period of time you may notice decreased redness and roughness of your face overall. However, any irritation from the microdermabrasion and peels  may potentially alter this.

     Enjoy your treatments, but keep realistic expectations and don't expect pores to actually shrink in any permanent way.

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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