Will Laser Genesis Cause Hairloss?

Will Laser Genesis cause hairloss in the treated area since it uses the same 1064 wavelength as Coolglide which is used for permanent hair reduction?

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LaserGenesis and hair loss

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Dear 142683anon:

Yes, hairs with any pigmention will absorb some of the 1064 laser energy. For this reason the brows must be protected during treatment. The bearded area of men is avoided.  Our patients with excess hair of the face or even just peach fuzz love this, as it leaves their facial skin very smooth.

All the best,   Dr. Clark

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Laser genesis and hairloss

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Yes, laser genesis can cause minimal hair reduction. It won't have as intense of an affect because it is waved above the skin at a specific height and the tip doesn't touch the skin, but it can affect some hairs.

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