Laser Genesis Caused Me to Breakout?

Doctors, Thanks in advance for your help. Has Laser Genesis ever caused breakouts after the initial treatment? The procedure was recommended to me for facial redness. I was also told the heat from the laser would kill bacteria under the skin. However, 1-2 days after my first treatment, it seems like all acne in the lower layers of my skin is coming to the surface. Is this normal? Is there a way to mitigate this problem for future treatments?

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Genesis can help target bacteria

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Most likely there was a trigger to the breakout other than the Genesis treatment. Make sure to discuss your treatment plan with your provider, you do want to make sure you are using the correct at home care regimen. Laser Genesis may also be beneficial if you have acne scars. 

Laser Genesis

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I have not seen breakouts after laser Genesis. Pretreatment with RetinA and Obagi products helps improve results and reduce complications after laser treatments

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