Does Laser Genesis Dry out Skin? TITAN Laser Ok?

It appears LG helps with Roscea, oily skin, scars, acne by minimizing pores. I don't have oily skin or roscea, if anything it's dry but very even toned. Will LG make my skin drier and add to my fine lines? I read bad reviews from people who had good skin and it got worse after Genesis...making it more wrinkly. I dont have acne/oily skin and I have very good skin tone....just fine lines that need correcting. Is LG appropriate for me? Is it safe to use TITAN with it?

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Laser Genesis and Titan...

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Laser Genesis is a great procedure!  No it should not make your skin worse.  It is an overall good laser, mild and it helps with all complexions.


Titan is also a good laser that is meant for tightening the skin and stimulating collagen production.  These two lasers are great for all skin types and colors.


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