What Laser is Best for Removing Freckles?

I have had multiple treatments with the IPL laser and 1 with the Q-Switched but to no avail.I'm getting impatient as i have spent a lot of money trying to get rid of them. Is there a better type of laser to get rid of my freckles? I have very fair skin, if that helps.

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Best Laser for Removing Freckles

Thank you for your question. Usually we see freckles fade in 2-3 treatments with IPL.  If you still have the freckles, you can have laser treatments with KTP 532 or 755 Alexandrite, which both are very good with your fair skin type.  Prior to your treatment, we always want our patients to use a bleaching cream.  This helps to preserve and maintain the benefits of the laser treatment, and provide some persistence in the color reduction.  Sunscreen also helps to maintain the benefit.  Seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon who can assess your condition, and determine if you may need advanced laser therapy or advanced chemical peels would be a good option for you at this point. I hope this helps.

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Resurfacing or a Peel for Freckles/Lentigenes

Generally speaking a Q-switched Alexandrite laser is an excellent way to remove freckles.  I agree that the profractional erbium laser would work with the right settings.  I have found Cutera's Pearl laser will work excellent.  It is erbium glass and I would recommend the non-fractional setting.  A 20% TCA peel will also do an excellent job of removing lentigenes.  I find that most fractionated therapies do not polish the skin as well.  Nonfractionated therapies (peels, Pearl, flat beam erbium) do the best job of giving the skin a polished look without any pigment ... at least temporarily until you see sun.  Fractionated treatments offer a more natural look with removal, shrinking & lightening of freckling but without giving you a completely white polished look.    

A great topical regimen followed by a series of mild peels does a great job of minimizing freckles and polishing the skin with almost no downtime.  I would recommend a series of Vitalize Peels in conjunction with Skin Medica's tri-retinol complex and dermal repair cream.

No matter what you do, freckles will come back with time as a function of sun exposure.  Sunscreen is important and topical retinoids will do a great job of helping you keep your results. 

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Our practice uses Profractional Laser and Micro laser peel to help remove freckles. IPL is not for freckle removal, it's usually used for different skin conditions. You should contact either a Certified Cosmetic surgeon or a Dermatologist.


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