Has Laser for Facial Thread Veins Scarred my Face? (photo)

4 weeks ago i had laser treatment for a tiny cluster of broken capillaries on my cheek. Very small but was a noticeable red splodge! They explained that the area would blister then scab so it would need healing time. The area blistered immediately, went down in a few days and began to scab over. I did not pick and 2 weeks later the scab shed on its own. However, i am so upset because although i can not see any veins, the area is red and very indented! Its like a big scar! Is this permanent?

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Skin indentation after spider vein laser treatment can be treated with fractional laser or eMatrix - Buffalo NY

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Thank you for posting the picture. 

The treating physician may be able to reduce this effect after careful examination in person.

Options may be to treat it like an acne scar with sublative technology that uses RF energy like eMatrix or fractional laser treatment locally. 

Laser treatment

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You did not mention which type of laser treatment you had so it is hard to me to give you a totally accurate opinion. I would be patient for a few months and see if the scar goes away. You should contact the physician that did the treatment and let him or her know what happened.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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