I'm getting this weird bulge in my lower left side of my abdomen when I'm standing. Could this possible be a hernia? (photo)

I had a c-section three years ago and this wasn't happening before but is now three years later, could this be from weak abdominal muscles or a possible hernia? I also have diastasis recti.

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Hernia after c section

It's impossible to tell from the photo unfortunately. That would not be a common place for a hernia to develop but an exam would give a lot more information. Diastasis recti would usually give a midline abdominal bulge. Thanks for the question. 

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Mesh for bulge

You have the typical appearance after pregnancy and c-section.The abdominal wall is weakened from stretching and surgery.The support layer to the abdominal wall is not muscle but is fascia, which encloses the muscle.I recommend Abdominoplasty with Mesh Reinforcement.The mesh increases the mechanical strength of the abdominal wall resulting in a more hourglass figure, early satiety, weight loss and maintains the reduced weight.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Is bulge in lower left abdomen a hernia

I cannot diagnose a hernia by a photo. It requires an exam. You certainly have widely stretched rectus muscles. Hernias can form in this area where you have the bulge. It is usually seen when muscles are already stretched and weak, as your appear to be. 

See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Swellin g on abdomen

hard to say 100% without examining you but you appear to have what is called a Spigelian hernia, it is a weakness on the outer part of the rectus sheath and the semi-lunar line. A general surgeon can repair that for you.

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Hernia after c-section

Thank you for including the photos.   Hernias are best diagnosed by exam and it is possible that you have a hernia from the c-section, diastasis or a combination of the two.  I would recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or a general surgeon so that you can explore your options.

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I'm getting this weird bulge in my lower left side of my abdomen when I'm standing. Could this possibly be a hernia?

   It could be due to either of those things, and it may be worth looking into getting the diastasis as well as this remedied.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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The best way to definitively work up your bulge would be with a cath scan of your abdomen after a full physical exam.  Based on the photos alone it could be one of many things

Dr Corbin

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Hernia? #hernia

It could be a hernia but it is impossible to tell without a direct exam. It could also be a fluid collection beneath the skin but that would be strange years out from a c section. If you have had recent trauma it could be from that. Go see a general surgeon in my opinion first to make sure it is not a hernia. You could see a plastic surgeon. Most do not do hernia alone repairs. I do them when I am doing a tummy tuck if a patient has a small hernia as I am also general surgery trained but not everyone is.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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I'm getting this weird bulge in my lower left side of my abdomen when I'm standing. Could this possible be a hernia?


Diagnosing a hernia is extremely important! This can really only be done by physical exam and is something you should get examined sooner rather than later. When I did general surgery early on in my training, I can't tell you how many people would wait till the bowel became strangulated in their hernia before they came in and by then it was a much bigger operation sometimes with a colostomy formation.

However, given the brief history you provided and the photos, its probably rectus diasthasis which is spreading of the abdominal muscles after pregnancy and C-section.  I repair such a condition with a standard tummy-tuck operation.  Wait till you are done having kids first though.

Dr. Daniel Barrett
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It's impossible to tell the nature of the bulge from this limited history and photos. It could be perfectly normal in the setting of what you described, however, given that it is apparently new to you without any recent memorable event...I would say you should visit your family doctor/pcp, or the obgyn who did the surgery and get it all sorted out first.

Zach Barnes, MD
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