What is the average cost for hypopigmentation treatments post laser tattoo removal?

I'm half way done with my laser tattoo removal but starting to get hypo-pigmentation. I have color ink which has been a long process to remove and have olive skin tone. I have 1-2 spots that seem to be permanent because they're completely white (any solutions for these?) and also some areas that are lighter but still have color. Aside from my tattoo removal, I'm wondering and trying to prepare for future treatments for hypo-pigmentation. What are the general treatments/price ranges?

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There is no "Cure" for Hypopigmentation

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Thanks for your question.  You did not mention what laser was used in this treatment.  Q-Switch or nanosecond lasers have a more inherent risk of complication over picosecond lasers. 

Picosecond lasers fire 1000 times faster, using a pressure wave rather than heat to shear the ink molecules apart.  After using the PicoSure for almost 2 years, we have only seen pinpoint hypopigmentation in a very small number of patients usually of darker skin tones.  We cannot say it is impossible to get burned with a Picosecond laser, but it is highly unlikely.  The 755 nm works well on almost all ink colors. 

The next thing you need is patience.  We tell every Pico tattoo removal patient to expect at least 6 treatments and don't be surprised if it is 10-12 or longer with thick tribal tattoos.  We see some patients twice a year and their tattoos seem to clear up to 6 months.  After using the PicoSure for 2 years, we have found it is best to wait 2-6 months between treatments.  There is a risk of complications with any laser treatment.  Minimize your risk by treating your tattoo as few times as possible.  There is a limit to how small the laser can break up the ink.  It's up to you and your body to take the ink away.  We encourage our patients to drink plenty of water, sweat it out and eat a healthy diet between treatments.

We recommend finding an experienced physician in your area.  Treatment prices vary by market.  You are trying to reverse permanent ink.  Good Luck and have patience!


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I am sorry to hear that. There is no way to cure hypopigmentation. Instead skin matching ink is tattooed on pigmented areas, or you can try fraxel laser with latisse to re-pigment the area, but it does not work with all patients. I would suggest you to switch laser being used or change provider to avoid further pigmentation. 

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Hypopigmentation after Laser Tattoo Removal

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This can be tattooed your normal skin colored or fraxel laser can be used with latisse to re-pigment the area. It will take a series of treatments both to remove the rest of your tattoo and re-pigment. Costs will vary, but see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hypopigmentation from tattoo removal

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There are no routine treatments for this problem. It is an extremely hard problem to fix. Sometimes it will improve itself over several months. Some people are doing PRP for this and others are using Latisse for this. I don't know success rates for this. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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