Large Crater Pores, Nose, Cheeks and Forhead Did Laser Genesis Made Worse What Can I Do to Fix? (photo)

Ok, I've always had acne (Mild) but when I reached my 20's my pores get clogged with black heads and scar. Now I'm 29, it's been taken over my life and I'm very depressed. I've done everything under the sun that dermatologist has recommended, I was on Tazorac cream and that made problem worse. I was just going to do the gel but stopped all treatments because we wanted to have a baby. I also did Laser Genesis 3 treatments and one N-Lite I had to stop that cause it was making it worse. What can I do?

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Laser Genesis & Pores

In order for the Laser Genesis to be truly effective, you need to have multiple treatments. Usually 3-5, spaced anywhere from 2-4 weeks apart. They can definitely help but you also need to manage your expectations. Pore size is genetic. Lasers can improve the appearance, but they can't shrink your pores. Best of luck.

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Can Laser Genesis help decrease pore size?

Hello and thanks for your question! We offer Laser Genesis at Pasadena Surgeons and I have seen a significant decrease in pore size in the majority of patients and some improvement in acne. I am sorry you had a poor response to N-lite, but both Laser Genesis and N-lite often require multiple treatments before seeing an improvement. You may require a Blue Peel or resurfacing at some point to minimize your scarring. Wait until your pregnancy is over and talk with your dermatologist about all these options. Take care!

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