Can this be fixed? What technique should be used?

I'm having a Vaser revision on December. (8 months post) what should I ask my doctor? I'm so nervous is gonna end up looking worst. Pls help! I love this forum and all the doctor that are so willing to help. Thank you for all the questions you answer! :)

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Revision of poor outcomes after liposuction

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 Correcting poor outcomes after liposuction can be difficult and a timeslot possible.This is especially true if someone has been over treated. Treatment options usually come down to revision liposuction, fat transfer, or skin resection. 

revision liposuction is based on removing fat in order to create a more even contour trying to match the over treated  areas. 

Fat transfer is the opposite. An attempt is made to bring fat back to raise the overtreated areas. Skin resection basically is converting previous liposuction to a procedure such as an abdominoplasty. Revision liposuction works well for patients who have not been over treated.Fat transfer after excessive  liposuction is limited in its usefulness.The main reason for this is there is little tissue to graft fat into.

converting the procedure to an abdominoplasty  can be successful for patients who have skin laxity.
based on your picture you were appear to have been excessively treated and do not have significant skin laxity.
there's generally always an opportunity to make some improvements.Based on your pictures your situation will be challenging.Keeping expectations realistic is helpful.

Best, Mats Hagstrom MD

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Can this be fixed? What technique should be used?

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So very sorry for the extremely poor outcome from VASER liposuction. But you are NOT the first to have this type of results from the VASER! This is because the VASER's wand/cannula is completely high temperature along its entire length thus causing internal subcutaneous burn effect. The results following aggressive VASER are as you present. As for possible correction/improvement very difficult with many sessions of minor fat grafting surgeries, and quite costly. Best to seek only in person opinions from experts in these corrections.. 

Vaser lip poor outcome

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In my opinion, this was a poorly performed liposuction. I would be be curious to know if this was done by someone who has experience.  Vaser assistance in not the problem in my opinion, you have major issues with areas of residual fat and loose skin that was not properly liposuctioned and contoured correctly.  I would also be curious to see what you looked like before the liposuction.  A lot of what we do depends on the pre surgical anatomy of the patient.  Please have a board certified (ABPS) surgeon evaluate you and correct this for you. It is fixable but has to be with someone with experience and skill.  Good luck
Dr Vasisht
South Shore Plastic Surgery
Voorhees, NJ

Bhupesh Vasisht, MD
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon
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