I have lipedema in my lower structure and I am on blood thinners. Would you advise liposuction?

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Lipedema Treatment

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I suggest seeking out only a subspecialist for this treatment, but you cannot be on blood thinners.  Dr. David Amron of Beverly Hills is the only physician I know who can help you.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Blood thinners and lymphedema

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If I understand you correctly, these two issues make you a poor candidate for liposuction. It would be unsafe for you to proceed.

Liposuction while on blood thinners

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Simply, should not be done.  If you can safely be taken off your blood thinners with the approval of your dorctors for a while, then you might consider it.

Liposuction for lymphedema

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I assume that you have lymphedema -swelling of the lower legs.
Liposuction can help this condition -
But you cannot have surgery of any kind when on blood thinners.
Discuss what you are considering with your hematologist.
See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about the liposuction
Both doctors should discuss your condition before a final decision is made as to its wisdom for you Best wishes.

Blood centers are usually a contraindication to elective aesthetic surgery.

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Liposuction is an elective aesthetic procedure and no patient should assume inordinate risks to undergo this operation. You should be fully cleared by your hematologist before considering cosmetic surgery.

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