Fractora and fillers; is this correct?

I previously asked about getting Fractora on the high setting right after getting fillers. I was wondering if I got the low setting Fractora if it would dissolve my fillers as well. The nurse told me not to worry at the low setting it will not dissolve any fillers. Is this correct?

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Fractora and fillers; is this correct? = it depends #fractora #fractorarf #fractoraskintightenight

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Fractora skin tightening can affect the effect of HA fillers specially if performed in high settings (intense treatment). 

The closer the filler has been injected to the skin, the more it is affected by fractora (because fractora delivers energy to the skin). HA fillers injected deep in the tissues (eg, Voluma injected just above the bone) is generally not affected by fractora treatments. 

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Fractora and Fillers

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If you have a very superficial filler done like Bellatero , you could possibly reach the product with the needle using 24 pin, which is 2 mm depth needle.   60 pin is 600 micron, or .6 mm, and this might be safe. If you had a deep dermal filler like Voluma or Restylane Lyft, most likely you will not be able to reach the product and will be safe.

Erik Suh, MD
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