Thoughts on Fractora?

I visited a local plastic surgeon with concerns on treating and correcting facial skin tone, tightening and acne scarring. The nurse on staff recommended Fractora. I have been doing some research but have found very little information on this treatment. Is this a procedure that gives significant results? I have tried the 3 deep fractional procedure in the past with minor improvements. Is Fractora similar or superior? Thank you.

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Thoughts on Fractora? = excellent skin tightening with minimal side effects #fractora #fractorarf #fractoraskintightening

Fractora is an innovative skin tightening treatment that delivers radio frequency through small needles. Compared with other skin tightening devices based on laser (eg. Fraxel, CO2 laser) and radio frequency (eg. ulthera) it is associated with minimal side effects, less down time, significant skin tightenting and significant patient satisfaction.

When deciding between what device to by to my office ( fractora vs faxel) I demo both machines and treated several patients. All the fraxel patient got very red and swollen for several days. The results were modest. In the other had, fractora patients were red for only one day, had minimal swelling and they all have amazing skin tightening results, to the point that friends of them already came to my office requesting similar treatment. Therefore I bought he fractora device for my office and all my patients are extremely happy with their results. 

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Fractora for skin tone

Thank you for your question.  We have had excellent results with Fractora as well.  It helps improve not only texture but red and brown spots that result from aging and it works on all types of skin.  We use a complexion analysis system as well to track the progress.  It can also be combined with IPL and laser treatments.  A good skin care regimen is also important.  We recommend adding hyaluronic acid compund right after the procedure and on a regular basis. Hope this helps.

Ricardo Pocurull, MD
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Fractora for acne scars

Thank you for your question.  In my practice, we used to treat most of the acne scars with various kinds of lasers and microneedling techniques.  In patients who had mediocre results from those traditional treatments, most have been pleased when they were transitioned to Fractora.  This is likely because Fractora is able to penetrate their pins to deliver energy into deeper layers of the skin and the radiofrequency energy can affect wider areas under the skin as opposed to just pinpoint areas.  Most patients report improvement in acne scars and skin texture.  Hope that helps.  

Goretti H. Taghva MD

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