Knot Under Ribcage Post-Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

I recently had a full Tummy Tuck, and I also had a mastopexy with augmentation done at the same time, due to 125lb weight loss. Now, I have a knot directly under my ribcage, to the left of the belly button. It hurts when I get up or cough. I have had hernias (groin ) in the past and it feels similar. Could it be another hernia related to the Tummy Tuck? I'm 12 days post-op from the Tummy Tuck. What can I do about this?

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Make a visit to your surgeon

Hi- there are many possibilities to explain what you feel (listed below by my colleague). It is also possible that you are feeling the sutures he used to tighten your muscles- in patients who have lost a lot of weight, the skin is often thin and it is easier to feel these through it.

In either case, you need peace of mind that you don't have a problem, and that can only be given by your surgeon after an examination of the area- give 'em a call.

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Talk to your surgeon


There are many causes to explain the symptoms you are describing, including a seroma (fluid collection), hematoma (blood collection), inadequate fat excision or liposuction (if you had this at the time of our surgery). It would be unusual to have a hernia at the location that you are describing. The best advice is for you to talk with the surgeon who did your surgery, since he or she know what surgery was done.

I hope this is helpful.

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Hard mass after tummy tuck and breast lift

A mommy makeover which consists of a tummy tuck and breast contouring surgery is becoming more and more popular. If you notice a hard mass by your rib cage, the cause is dependent on the surgical techniques that were performed. This mass may be a collection of suture and overlying scar tissue or could be a small collection of fluid. Your best bet is to return to your surgeon and show them the bump. This will help them determine whether it is a mass or fluid that needs to be removed or whether it is your body's reaction to suture or other materials that were used during surgery.

To learn more about tummy tucks, see photos, and help you decide which one is best for you, please visit us at the link below:

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Pain/knot/bulge in upper abdomen following tummy tuck and augmentation mastopexy "mommy makeover":

This could be a hernia, it could be a pulled stitch, it could be a resolving neuropraxia, it could be a hematoma/seroma, etc.

There are multiple diffferent conditions which could explain the finding you describe but it is difficult to say without an examination.

Your best route, is to seek evaluation by your treating physician/surgeon to perform a focused examination knowing your unique anatomy.

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Knot under the ribcage

This can be many different things from sutures, fat necrosis, fluid collections, etc..  You should really see your doctor to be evaluated.

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