Cosmelan on Ebay - Would it be Fake?

I have been looking for Cosmelan kit online there is one which is sold on Ebay by mesoasthetic at $365 do you think its original as thats what it says. Also, do you know of any doctors in Turkey who do cosmelan treatments

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Do not buy products on Ebay

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I never recommend patients buy products like this on ebay. The product can be old, expired, mislabeled, or just a fake. It's not going to be worth your money to buy something that won't work or could even be dangerous. While I don't know a physician in Turkey who does Cosmelan, you might be able to contact Mesoestetic and see if they have a physician there.

Cosmelan on EBay- would it be fake?

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I would strongly advice against buying any medical grade skin product on line Most legitimate skin care product companies will not sell their products online and without the involvement of a physician.

Internet purchased products like Cosmelan can backfire

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The Cosmelan peel is a physician office only product in the U.S. and can't legally be sold on Ebay. As to whether the product you saw is fake or not is up for grabs. A fake product may do nothing or may harm your skin.

Some people should not use Cosmelan if they have certain allergies or skin conditions, so "self treating" can be a bit like playing with fire.

As noted by other physician response below, the Mesoestetic company can provide you with a list of physicians who offer Cosmelan treatments. 

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Don't Buy Cosmelan on EBay

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The Cosmelan kit is a prescription medication, meant to be administered by a trained esthetician or nurse who is under the supervision of a physician. Cosmelan is a powerful treatment, and must be administered by someone who is trained to work with potential adverse side effects. There are many counterfit products out there for purchase, and you will not know if this is a fake or the real thing. Mesoestetic is an international company, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. They have worldwide distribution. I recommend contacting them and finding a qualified professional in Turkey to administer your treatment.

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS - Account Suspended
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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