What Kind of Tape Can I Use to Cover my Abdominal Incision if I Want to Show my Belly? (photo)

I have two abdominal incisions. One's a scar revision around and below my navel. The other is under the bikini line from the tummy tuck. Is that a gentle tape I can use to cover these lines if I want to show my skin? Could I put a scar cream like Mederma along the scar with the tape on it? I don't want anything that will be too sticky. Thank you. The photo below shows my old scar before this surgery--the scar that did not heal well.

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How to cover my abdominal scar?

Tan colored steri-strips applied over Mastisol adhesive will do it.  Camouflage cosmetics are a great alternative (Linda Seidel, Covermark, Theatrical make-up, or mineral make-up).

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Can I use tape to cover my scar?

In my practice, I use micropore paper tape on all incision lines after surgery and continue using the paper tape for six weeks. The patient is given two roles of this breathable paper tape and is taught how to clean the wound and change the tape every other day.  In a recent paper that compare taping of wounds to other scar treatments and to no scar treatment, the paper tape was shown to be as effective as scar gels and creams, and also helps with quicker fading of the scar color.

So for the best cover and to keep the wound clean, use a tan colored micropore paper tape. You can usually find these in drug stores or medical supply stores. Good luck and thanks for the question.

Erez Sternberg, MD
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Cover a scar

A skin colored paper tape is very gentle (it's not really skin colored) and your surgeon could probably give you some. But a better way to make the scar "disappear" when you are showing your tummy skin is a makeup concealer like the ones made by Covermark or Coverderm. You can learn more at their websites.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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