Is It Safe to Have my Tummy Tuck at Lenox Hill Hospital in Ny?

i am 5'6' and 150 lbs got consultation from a doctor who told me I have an umbilical hernia

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Tummy tuck at a specific hospital

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As long as the surgery is being performed at an accredited facility with competent staff, it is the skill of the plastic surgeon who will be the most important factor in your selection. If you have seen your surgeon and established a good doctor-patient relationship, then I would trust the doctor to select a facility that is well-suited for the procedure that you are having done, in this case tummy tuck. I hope this helps.

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Safe Hospital for Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

Although I am not aware of the specific hospital you are referring to I would suggest that you emphasize selection of a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon;  once you have developed a level of trust/confidence in your plastic surgeon you will likely develop a sense of confidence with his/her choice of surgery center/hospital, anesthesiologist,  staff etc.

If you have persistent concerns you may have to check with state/federal accrediting organizations.

Best wishes.

Tummy Tuck at Lenox Hill Hospital

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From what I know, there are some very skilled plastic surgeons at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. You can discuss it with your plastic surgeon.

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Lenox Hill Hospital

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Lenox Hill is an accredited hospital on the upper east side of Manhattan which, given its location in plastic surgery mecca, sees a fair share of cosmetic cases. An abdominoplasty can performed in an accredited ambulatory center or in the hospital setting. You may want to comparison shop on the price of the facility prior to committing to surgery and certainly should verify the credentials of your surgeon, who should be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Best of luck!

Having an abdominoplasty in the hospital

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Lenox Hill Hospital is an excellent hospital and it is very common to have an abdominoplasty there.  There are two locations (77th street and 64th street).  While most of the outpatient cosmetic plastic surgery is performed at the 64th street campus, the main hospital on 77th street is also used.  So, you should not need to worry about the hospital.  


Good Luck.

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